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Dome Energy

Continuous monitoring of the more and more complex and difficult energy management issues and fulfilling the obligations required by the legislation put a constantly growing burden on owners, trustees, tenants or users of real estates for small and medium-sized businesses and large companies alike. Our consultants are at the disposal of our clients in all matters relating to the energy management sector and represent the interests of our clients.

Energy management

Energy management is becoming an increasingly important area in terms of the operations of companies, real estates and facilities, since energy can account for up to 50% of the overall operating costs. Energy management provides an integrated approach, from energy procurement through the preparation, conclusion and monitoring of service contracts, to the optimization of energy use. Within the framework of our service we undertake to continuously monitor the energy costs incurred during the operations, their proportionate allocation and control even at equipment level. Our services cover the usual end of year accounts, the development of specific indicators, the establishment of a possible internal counting order, the calculation of unit prices, and the contact with the energy dealers during the contract period. With the help of our experts, you can optimize your energy expenditure, as a client of Dome Energy, you can purchase energy carriers at a lower price, and our experienced specialists will also carry out the mandatory energy expertise tasks.

Energy management audit and consultancy

As part of our energy management service, we carry out the energy management audit of the company in accordance with the provisions of the law and fulfil the prescribed reporting obligations in the manner and with the content required by the regulations. The task can be divided into four main areas: analysis of energy consumption, inspection of technical building systems, preparation of energy certificates for buildings, and analysis of energy consumption of production and main consumer equipment. For both existing and future real estates, we provide the technical, energetic and financial background for energy-efficient operations. Taking into account the results of the energy audit carried out, we make recommendations to our clients on how to increase the efficiency of operation, how to rationalize, optimize the energy consumption and eliminate unreasonable costs. We examine the clients’ contracts concluded with service providers, review the contractual terms in case of a proposal for contract amendment, and also complete all formalities. Within the provision of our services, we monitor the presumed over-consumption on the basis of internal statistical data, informing the clients about the results and, if required, we make a specific quotation for any technical review.

Energy purchase

Within our procurement service, we endeavour to reach the most favourable energy prices available to our customer community. After defining the consumption profiles, we group our clients so that we can achieve even more favourable unit prices from traders by using a more accurate definition of consumption. The auction is conducted within the framework of a transparent competition and we negotiate the contracts with the dealer who submitted the most favourable offer. We are constantly monitoring the energy sector, and in the procurement process, taking into account the interests of our clients, we keep contact with service providers and dealers in all stages of the contracting procedure during the contract period.

Investment management

On the basis of the results of the energy management audit, we develop the technically most justifiable investment plan, preparing a return rate analysis of the proposed technical solution. Based on a comparative analysis, we submit a proposal on the implementation and carrying out of cost-effective and cost-optimized energy investment. We monitor the energetic implementation of the technical content, within the framework of project management we supervise all the stages of execution from the selection of the contractor to the handover procedure, and carry out the necessary coordination tasks.